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International trucks have a strong reputation for dependability and great performance, even when traveling long distances day after day. Each International model has been specifically designed to last longer and require minimal maintenance, helping to keep running costs as low as possible. Coupled with excellent fuel efficiency and a range of great features to make driving effortless and comfortable, it’s little wonder why our International trucks for sale are proving such a popular option.

Used Truck Sales Are an Economical Option

In many cases, it makes better economic sense to purchase one of the second hand International truck models we have available. Many haulers may be starting to expand their fleet, but don’t yet have the budget to justify an addition of a new truck. When you’re starting out and don’t yet have reliable cash flow, something from our used truck sales inventory can provide a reliable work horse until you’ve made enough profit to opt for an upgrade. All our vehicles are extensively tested and checked before we pass them on, maximizing the chances of enjoying years of trouble free driving.

New Truck Sales in Pharr

We are well-known as an International dealer and are proud of our reputation for outstanding customer care and a great range of products. Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge about the vehicles we sell and are always happy to make appropriate recommendations or provide a suitable solution for your requirements. If required, we also offer an extensive range of service options and spare parts, so if your truck needs some attention, we’re here to help.

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