Types of Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale

Types of Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale

There are lots of people who think they drive a heavy duty truck. It may shock some drivers to learn that putting big tires on a compact pickup truck does not make it a heavy duty truck. Heavy duty trucks are a specific class of vehicles, but it’s a class that includes several different specific types. Finding real heavy duty trucks for sale is not as easy as going to the local car lot so it pays to know where to look.

The Heavy Duty Truck Defined

If you watch modern car commercials, it would be easy to believe that any truck that has an extended cab and a little bit of dirt on it is a heavy duty truck. Heavy duty trucks in America are defined as vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 26,001 pounds. These vehicles would fall into class seven or eight and require a driver with a class B commercial license.

Types of Heavy Duty Trucks

When one thinks of true heavy duty trucks, the first image that comes to mind is the big rig hauling a huge trailer. This is one of the most popular types of heavy duty trucks, but there are others, too. If you look at the inventory of heavy duty vehicles we have at Kyrish Truck Centers, you will see day cabs and sleepers with one or two axles capable of hauling trailers of various sizes. There are also flatbeds, class seven and eight size vans, reefers, box trucks and the trailers themselves.

Finding Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale

For most vehicles, even commercial vehicles up to class six, it’s fairly easy to find them at a regular dealership, usually in the back or on a side lot. Finding heavy duty vehicles for sale is a bit more challenging. The hard way would be to search classified ads and auto finder websites, searching individual listings and dealing with independent sellers who may or may not be reputable. The easier way would be to use our services at Kyrish Truck Centers. We not only have new and used heavy duty trucks for sale, we also offer service and parts departments, making our locations a one stop shop for buying and maintaining these vehicles.