The Value of DPF Cleaning

The Value of DPF Cleaning

Years ago, no one worried about diesel particulate filters or exhaust gasses entering the atmosphere. However, today everyone thinks about greenhouse gasses, the ozone, and polluting the air. DPF cleaning in Texas is vital to your vehicles’ emission systems and keeping your DPF clean gives you many advantages.

What is a DPF?

A DPF is a diesel particulate filter, and it traps exhaust impurities before the exhaust leaves the truck. As gasses pass through a panel, gasses escape but not particles harmful to the environment. These filters are highly effective when kept clean.

The Dangers of Dirty Filters

Diesel particulate filters are very effective at trapping particles, but after a while, they may clog. Once clogged, the DPF cannot work properly, and this creates several problems. For example:

  • Buildup can damage the filter.
  • Diesel motors lose power when the exhaust is partly blocked
  • Fuel economy drops
  • A clogged filter can cause engine damage

Benefits of DPF Cleaning in Texas

Keeping your filter clean gives you several advantages, such as:

  • Avoid businesses interruptions caused by legal issues – non-compliance can result in fines and downtime.
  • Maximize fuel efficiency – clean filters prevent exhaust back pressure.
  • Improve engine performance
  • More effective filtration
  • The filter lasts longer when kept clean

Why You Need Professional DPF Cleaning in Texas

Regenerating helps to clean your filter, but it’s not enough. Regenerating burns out only combustible impurities and non-combustible particles stay behind. This eventually causes back pressure and clogging. Your filters need a professional cleaning by ASE certified mechanics because all trucks are different, and so are driving conditions. Experienced technicians have the right training and can recommend the proper cleaning intervals.

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