The Importance of a Warranty Administrator

The Importance of a Warranty Administrator

In the transportation industry, a commercial truck dealer sells trucks and other vehicles and offers valuable services. In fact, when you do business with a trusted dealership like Kyrish Truck Centers, our job is just beginning after you buy or lease a truck or fleet from us. Warranties are some of the most important service items we have to offer, and they give you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected. However, to make sure everything runs smoothly, a good warranty administrator is needed and we are here to laud the skills of this often unsung hero:

What is a Warranty Administrator?

When someone brings in a truck for warranty repairs or service, the dealership is reimbursed by the manufacturer for the parts and labor. However, the manufacturer requires specific proof that the work was required and met all the rules and regulations of the warranty agreement.

The warranty administrator makes sure that all claims are properly coded and then submitted to the warranty vendor. This must be done with a specific timeframe. The administrator must have a complete understanding of the manufacturer’s and vendor’s policies to ensure everything is properly documented.

The administrator makes sure that all charge backs and credits are taken care of. If claims were rejected or underpaid the warranty administrator must make sure they are resubmitted.

All warranty parts must be carefully identified, tracked, and shipped. Those that must be scrapped are disposed of, and others are returned.

Working with Others

The warranty administrator works with technicians, the warranty manager and many others in the company, as well as customers. This requires people skills and a great deal of technical and product knowledge. This is just the basics of what the job entails. Although there is a lot of responsibility, the administrator is rewarded with good pay, benefits, and job satisfaction.

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