RH Series International Trucks for Regional and City Hauling

RH Series International Trucks for Regional and City Hauling

When you need the perfect truck for regional hauling, local deliveries, or tanker duty, come to Kyrish Truck Centers and check out the RH Series new International trucks for sale. Let’s look at some of the many good things these trucks can give you.

Fuel Economy

If your business is all about short hauling and local runs, standard trucks can’t give you the best fuel economy. They do better on long hauls. RH Series trucks are specially designed for short-haul driving to give you the best performance and maximize your fuel economy.

Better Maneuvering

When you test drive the RH Series new International trucks for sale, you’ll notice a difference right away. It has a 50-degree wheel cut and a little less than 28 feet curb turning radius.

Gauges That Are Easy on the Eyes

As you sit behind the wheel, you’ll see all the gauges in front of you. There’s no straining to check the fuel level, temperature, and pressure gauges, because they’re located so, you can see them all with one glance. The center of the panel lets you easily check tire pressure, fuel economy, drive axle load, safety alerts, and you can customize it to include as many as 15 gauge readings. Your drivers are more comfortable and less distracted as they drive, and they can closely monitor all truck activities.

Fewer Blind Spots

The cab door windows let you see easier on the sides, and there’s more room for elbows and hips, so drivers ride in comfort.

Dependable 12.4 Liter A26 Motor

This motor is lightweight yet powerful. In fact, it weighs a little under 2300 pounds. It’s as much as six percent more fuel-efficient than the N13 engine in the Prostar.

The RH Series is only one of many new International trucks for sale today at your Kyrish Truck Centers.