New International Trucks for Sale – What Buyers Need to Know

New International Trucks for Sale – What Buyers Need to Know

International trucks have made their mark on the American landscape. There are many reasons for this trend. Visibility is excellent, along with technology and the ease of entering and exiting the vehicle. Drivers and fleet managers are also looking for the best deals with respect to fuel economy, transmission reliability, geared engine speed, idle-time management, tires, chassis, aerodynamics, load capacity, and even weight. At Kyrish Truck Centers, we carry the new International models that can take your business to the next level.

Why Buy an International?

International trucks are known to compete in the market with respect to the following areas.

Fuel Efficiency

This can be a fleet’s largest expense, and with rising fuel costs, it can be extremely challenging to manage operating costs. The good news is that commercial trucks are built to run more efficiently than ever. Thanks to technology and a competitive mindset, companies are pushing it to the limit.


New International trucks for sale can boast some of the best transmissions on the market. For business fleets, it is all about keeping the wheels turning and trucks on the road. Transmissions can also affect fuel usage.

Geared Engine Management

Fleet managers are also looking for ways to maximize profitability along with fuel economy. International trucks provide geared engine speed improvements as well. With increased fuel savings, overall performance increases. This allows managers to get the most from their fleet.

Idle Time Management

It may be interesting to note that for every hour a truck idles on the road, a gallon of gas is wasted. Engine wear and the environment are also affected. Many of the new international trucks for sale take this into consideration.


It is no secret that many International commercial truck models look aerodynamically smooth. Again, fuel costs are a major concern. Rigs that are not designed to minimize wind resistance will ultimately pay the price in increased fuel costs. International commercial trucks are designed to be aerodynamically efficient.

It is also important for fleet managers to consider great customer service with respect to electrical and mechanical services, like that which Kyrish offers. Downtime and lengthy repair times equates to lost money. In today’s competitive world, downtime is something that fleets can ill afford. Our service pros get our customers in and out as quickly as possible.