Is Your Isuzu NPR Ready for the Summer?

Is Your Isuzu NPR Ready for the Summer?

If your business needs high-quality and dependable medium-duty commercial trucks, the Isuzu NPR has much to offer. You can choose from class 3, 4, or five and if you want a lot of power they make a 297 horsepower gasoline engine. For fuel economy, you can choose a diesel-powered truck, and Kyrish Truck Centers are there with genuine Isuzu truck parts. No matter what kind of engine you have, it’s important to get your trucks ready for the hot Texas summer. Here are some helpful tips for hot weather preparations.

Oil Changes

Your engines need the best possible lubrication during hot weather. The manufacturer recommends specific oil change intervals, but it’s important to consider the kind of driving your truck goes through each day. Here are some examples where you may need to change the oil sooner than later:

  • City driving – the stop and go atmosphere of the city is harder on engines than running down the highway. This contributes to heat buildup and viscosity breakdown.
  • Dusty conditions – dusty and dirty roads can add to engine wear and tear over time.
  • Frequent deliveries – if your truck makes frequent stops, the engine is off and on all during the day. This can create crankcase condensation and can break down oil viscosity.

Coolant Changes

If it’s been some time since you changed coolant, now is a good time to visit your source for Isuzu truck parts in Texas for fresh coolant. When you change the coolant, have your technician back flush the entire system. This gets rid of corrosion deposits before they can attack the radiator, block, thermostat, and other components. Corrosion can weaken the cooling system and add to engine problems.

Kyrish Truck Centers offers OEM Isuzu truck parts in Texas. We also have trained mechanics on hand when you need service.