How Truckers Can Keep Their Trucks Running Longer

How Truckers Can Keep Their Trucks Running Longer

All truckers will know that their diesel particulate filters (DPF) should be kept as clean as possible to reduce those ever-threatening emissions. Sadly, repairing and replacing your DPF can be an expensive routine. We can supply our expert services for diesel particulate filter cleaning in Texas and stay within your budget.

Driving Consistently Helps

Driving consistently and at higher speeds will save you money because the DPF regeneration only happens when you meet certain engine temperatures, speed, and RPM, but you will quickly be out of work for driving too fast. Obviously, this is only possible on the highways. Slow driving around urban districts causes many of the low-speed issues associated to cause dirt in your filter.

Diesel particulate filter cleaning in Texas can be a messy task, which is why we are trained and ready to improve the cleanliness of your filter and help keep you on the road.

Using the oil that is suggested by the dealer is important because using the wrong oil can cause the mesh on the DPF to become blocked.

Some truckers report that the EGR valve can become blocked and this doesn’t always register the engine warning light. Before replacing your diesel particulate filters, unblocking the EGR valves may assist with your maintenance and repairs.

Most truckers will know that they must carry out diesel particulate filter cleaning in Texas, but it helps if you know more about the unit and how it helps your truck and the atmosphere.

As always, we will be happy to help you with this regular cleaning task, to help reduce your emissions and help your truck stay longer on the road and earning you money. Our aim is to ensure that you always pass the emissions controls.