Do You Want to Know a Secret Way to Increase Your Fuel Efficiency?

Do You Want to Know a Secret Way to Increase Your Fuel Efficiency?

We enjoy sharing secrets with truckers. Here is our secret for today. Using predictive cruise control technology, you can save up to 4% of your fuel costs. This technological advance is available to truckers in Texas with new International trucks.

Profits Up and Fuel Usage Down

New International trucks in Texas include this great technology on the International Pro Star and Lone Star Class 8 on-highway trucks. The predictive cruise control is more effective than conventional predictive cruise technology. You do not need to drive the routes so that the technology can learn about road gradients and your specific route.

Because these new International trucks in Texas are sold with the latest commercial route data pre-installed as GPS maps, they know where you are and where you’re going. For every driver driving a different route to the others in your fleet, fuel and efficiency will be improved immediately.

The data is topographical, which means it understands the hills, climbs and downhill routes that you will drive through. By understanding the grade of the road, your vehicle speed, the weight of your vehicle and the load, it can work out how you should drive using the cruise control technology. One great advantage is that you will reduce your braking and therefore lower your maintenance costs.

The Driver Completes Less Work

Owner/drivers are always concerned about the amount of fuel they are consuming because it is one of the highest costs of ownership and operation. When the driver does not have to make regular and infrequent alterations and modifications for the changes in the terrain, the vehicle will drive in a smoother manner.

Another advantage of this technology that truckers will enjoy is the ability to drive a safer truck, which will help companies attract better quality drivers and everyone will be satisfied with the results.