Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning Helps Keep Engines at Peak Performance

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning Helps Keep Engines at Peak Performance

They say that the diesel engine is the workhorse of the world. That being said, diesel engines can accumulate large amounts of soot and ash buildup when fuel is burned. When this happens, it takes an experienced mechanic and special equipment to remove the buildup and clean it. This process is called diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning. The cleaning equipment is special, and can clean the filter within a range of efficiency from 85 – 100 percent. The actual efficiency range is determined by the design of the DPF filter and the cleaning procedures used by the cleaning facility.

The Fuel Burner’s Role

Material is burned off in a passive manner with the help of a compound via the fuel burner. It’s the burner that helps the filter reach the necessary temperature to create combustion hot enough to create ash. Another term for this burn-off process is called regeneration. These are the components that require regular cleaning and periodic maintenance. It’s a process best handled by knowledgeable professionals to ensure that cleaning is performed effectively.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning is a Necessity

The process of regeneration can’t occur when diesel trucks regularly travel in city traffic. They’re built to travel the open road. Higher speeds are required to initiate the regeneration process. When soot elimination is necessary, the driver is notified by a warning light. Ignoring the warning light will eventually lead to a situation where regeneration can’t occur. In time, the DPF filter will fail and need to be replaced. Let our team at Kyrish Truck Centers can handle this task for you!

Guarding Against Filter Restrictions

Preventative maintenance, whether it’s electrical or mechanical, is always the prudent choice. Filter restrictions spell harm to engine components. The only result is that trucks will perform less effectively. Diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning, at the exact time of warning, is the best way to prevent severe damage. Optimally running trucks are those can that turn more of a profit. This cleaning service is especially necessary for trucks that travel at lower speeds and shorter distances.

At Kyrish Truck Centers, we understand what it takes to keep diesel engines running at peak proficiency. With timely maintenance, diesel engines can go on being the workhorses they were meant to be.