Tips for Buying a Used Medium Duty Truck

Tips for Buying a Used Medium Duty Truck

Do you need a box truck or maybe a good flatbed vehicle for your business? You’ll enjoy a number of benefits when you buy a good used medium duty truck in Texas, but what’s the best truck to get and what options should you consider? Here are some helpful tips to make the process easier.


What do you plan to haul with your truck? This determines the bed you need. Flatbed trucks are great for general purpose hauling, and dump trucks are best for loose material like dirt, rock, sand, and gravel.


Cargo weight is an important issue, so consider the heaviest loads you’ll haul. For example, if you buy a class 4 truck but think you might need something heavier next year, go ahead and buy the heavier truck now. A used medium duty truck in Texas can haul as much as 26,000 pounds GVWR depending on the model. GVWR means gross vehicle weight rating. If you want something heavier, you’ll need to look at heavy-duty vehicles.

Crew Size

Will need to haul others besides the driver? If so, a crew cab is the best choice. In fact, crew cabs save money on transportation costs because you’ll need to use fewer vehicles.

Diesel or Gasoline?

Should you buy a truck with gasoline or diesel engine? The answer depends on where you’ll do most of the driving. For city driving with all the starts and stops, a gasoline engine performs better. However, on the highway, diesel motors are more efficient and save you on fuel.

Driver Comfort

When you look for a used medium duty truck in Texas, consider driver comfort. For example, the Hino 195 and Isuzu NPR have standard features like air conditioning, automatic transmission, and power windows. Visit our online inventory today, to check out our selections.

5 Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Cargo Safe

5 Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Cargo Safe

Even if you get the best deal on a high-quality Isuzu NPR for sale in Texas, you could end up with problems. For example, it only takes a few seconds for an experienced thief to take advantage of you. Here are five important things you can do to increase your cargo’s security.

1. Check Your Insurance Policy

When you look for a good Isuzu NPR for sale in Texas, consider the insurance before you buy. Your commercial vehicle insurance policy doesn’t cover damage on the road from accidents. Check your inland marine coverage to make sure you have enough insurance for all your cargo.

2. Keep Doors Locked

Tell your drivers to keep their trucks locked even when they exit the truck for a moment. A thief can get into the cab and steal the truck and cargo, within a relatively short period. Locked cabs make it harder for someone to hijack your truck as it sits at a traffic light.

3. Safe Delivery Schedules

Do your drivers make deliveries in questionable parts of town? If so, make sure to schedule them during the week and daylight hours. There are fewer chances for robberies and theft during these times.

4. Get an Alarm System

It doesn’t cost much to install an alarm for your truck cab and cargo areas. You can save two ways with this strategy. First, it’s a tax-deductible business expense. Second, the insurance company may give you a break on your premiums.

5. Choose the Right Dealer

When you look for a good Hino 195 or Isuzu NPR for sale in Texas, go to a trusted source like Kyrish Truck Centers. We sell high-quality inspected vehicles, and our expert service technicians keep your truck on the road, so you don’t break down in areas where safety is a big concern.