Getting the Heavy Duty Truck Parts You Need

Getting the Heavy Duty Truck Parts You Need

Is a faulty or worn part keeping your heavy duty, commercial truck from operating at full capacity? If you’re in Texas and looking for both reliability and affordability in heavy duty truck parts, our team at Kyrish Truck Centers has the Affordable parts to keep your truck on the road.

High Quality Low Cost

Your commercial truck is critical to your livelihood and you won’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to parts. You can’t afford to be concerned about your vehicle breaking down while on the job. You need to be able to trust that every tube, cylinder and gear will last through even the most demanding of work days. But at the same time, you don’t want to spend more on parts than what is necessary. You want quality without the cost and that’s our mission here at Kyrish Truck Centers. We’ve been serving customers throughout the lone star state for over 40 years now with the highest quality parts.

For Every Brand and Type

With heavy duty trucks, it’s important to have access to a huge variety of parts. Such an inventory can make it easy to obtain everything from fuel pumps to headlight bezels for an assortment of different types and brands including International, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso and Hino. Part brands available can include Affordable, Fleetguard, and Silverback. If the part needed is not currently in stock, a quality provider can order it and have it shipped from the manufacturer immediately.

If you’re unable to replace a part on your heavy duty truck yourself, a mobile team sent to your location for roadside assistance can be a great option to have available. For instance, if the required work is unable to be done on the road your vehicle can be towed to one of our 12 locations to be serviced by an experienced mechanic.

Here at Kyrish Truck Centers we offer quality heavy duty truck parts at affordable prices. Maintaining a commercial heavy duty truck requires lots of time, effort and money but we hope that with our services customers will be able to spend less of all three and can spend more time on the job.

On Renting Trucks for Your Business

On Renting Trucks for Your Business

Before you hire that rental truck, make sure it’s the right one for your business. A business leasing trucks to companies can help you get the leverage you need to completely turn your production cycle and delivery schedules around. Here’s what you must keep in mind when you go for these services:

Know the duration of the lease

How long will the lease last? Will that period cover all the delivery days in your calendar? Be sure to know. You wouldn’t want to return the truck late and incur additional costs and fees.

Determine all the equipment involved says you’ll need to make sure all the equipment onboard the truck have been identified. Do a visual check as well so if any piece of the equipment turns out to be missing even before you get behind the truck, then you won’t end up having to pay for the missing equipment.

Check the state of the equipment

You must always check if everything works before you agree to the lease. Be thorough. Look for signs of problems. Ask if you could take the truck for a little test drive. If the business leasing trucks to companies refuses, they might not want you drive the truck and find out all sorts of problem in its engine or suspensions. If that’s the case, then you’ll be better off with a different rental truck company. Before you say yes, determine if the truck is in tip-top shape or not. This way, you won’t have to foot the bill for any repairs that were already there in the first place. Better yet, the minute you find something wrong, ask for a different rental truck.

Ask about the payment method

What kind of payment method is acceptable? Do they accept checks or money orders? Find out. Payment hassles and inconveniences can add stress to your day. The last thing you want is to waste time and energy on paying method problems. Find out if the payment method is easy or not. Factor that in when you look for a rental company.

Consider the selection

You could find out a lot about a company based on the type of inventory that’s on offer. If all the trucks look like they’re older than dirt, are dusty or caked with mud, that doesn’t bode well for the condition of their inner workings. Instead, go to a different rental company, one that offers a better selection. You’ll get more value for your money that way.

Factors to Pay Attention to When You’re Buying an Isuzu NPR

Factors to Pay Attention to When You’re Buying an Isuzu NPR

Late deliveries can scare your customers away for good. If renting a truck is a logistical nightmare for you, then consider buying your own commercial truck for sale. A good option to consider is a mid-size Isuzu NPR for sale.

The size

The model is a good example of a mid-size delivery truck. If you need to haul your inventory, you’ve got plenty of room for it. However, make sure the truck is just the right size for your delivery needs. You wouldn’t want to end up with a truck that’s too small or huge for your inventory and logistics needs. Consider the places you will be driving it to as well. Will you be navigating tight spaces, sitting in traffic, pulling up to any difficult loading docks? The Isuzu NPR strikes a perfect balance between cargo space and maneuverability.

The chassis

Junkyard Blog says the right chassis can help you find a happy medium when it comes to cargo space vs. weight. So aside from checking if you’ve got enough space in the truck, you’ll need to find out if the cargo weight at full load is entirely compatible with your chassis. If it isn’t, you could max out the weight before you can even use up all that space in your truck. The NPR has an incredibly durable chassis with a big payload.

The driver

If you’re serious about buying an Isuzu NPR for sale, remember to hire the right driver for your truck. Drivers of commercial trucks need a license before they could operate those trucks so finding the right driver is crucial.

The space

Do you have enough space in your work area or parking to house the truck? Evaluate your space before you even think about owning a truck. If you don’t have secure spot for it, then it might be better to fix that problem first before you spend the money on buying truck.

The floor options

Because these trucks are often used to haul in inventories or make deliveries, you’ll have to decide which type of floor option works for the inventory or deliveries you have in mind. Do you need laminate floors or will pine floor do? Do you need extra floor protection? Or a steel floor? Study the options until you can match it with your inventory or deliveries.

The dealer

Lastly, do your best to find the right dealership. A good dealer won’t try to scam you into buying a more expensive model or tell you that someone else has already put in an offer for the truck—all in a bid to get you to buy it right away. Instead, s/he will help guide you to the options that suit your needs and budget best.

Kyrish Truck Centers San Antonio, Texas location has tons of Isuzu NPR for sale. We stock many different build-outs such as flatbed, vans, gas or diesel engines and many more options. Come see us and find out more about our best offers!

Types of Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale

Types of Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale

There are lots of people who think they drive a heavy duty truck. It may shock some drivers to learn that putting big tires on a compact pickup truck does not make it a heavy duty truck. Heavy duty trucks are a specific class of vehicles, but it’s a class that includes several different specific types. Finding real heavy duty trucks for sale is not as easy as going to the local car lot so it pays to know where to look.

The Heavy Duty Truck Defined

If you watch modern car commercials, it would be easy to believe that any truck that has an extended cab and a little bit of dirt on it is a heavy duty truck. Heavy duty trucks in America are defined as vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 26,001 pounds. These vehicles would fall into class seven or eight and require a driver with a class B commercial license.

Types of Heavy Duty Trucks

When one thinks of true heavy duty trucks, the first image that comes to mind is the big rig hauling a huge trailer. This is one of the most popular types of heavy duty trucks, but there are others, too. If you look at the inventory of heavy duty vehicles we have at Kyrish Truck Centers, you will see day cabs and sleepers with one or two axles capable of hauling trailers of various sizes. There are also flatbeds, class seven and eight size vans, reefers, box trucks and the trailers themselves.

Finding Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale

For most vehicles, even commercial vehicles up to class six, it’s fairly easy to find them at a regular dealership, usually in the back or on a side lot. Finding heavy duty vehicles for sale is a bit more challenging. The hard way would be to search classified ads and auto finder websites, searching individual listings and dealing with independent sellers who may or may not be reputable. The easier way would be to use our services at Kyrish Truck Centers. We not only have new and used heavy duty trucks for sale, we also offer service and parts departments, making our locations a one stop shop for buying and maintaining these vehicles.