7 Reasons to Keep Your DPF Clean

7 Reasons to Keep Your DPF Clean

A diesel particulate filter is an important part of today’s diesel truck motors. If your fleet has diesel engines then you need to understand how these filters work and the importance of DPF cleaning. Here are 7 good reasons to keep your DPF clean and in good condition.

1. Fuel Economy
When you keep your filter clean, you’ll get better fuel economy. The DPF is part of your engine’s exhaust system, and even if it’s only partially clogged, it increases back pressure in the engine. This affects your fuel economy.

2. Performance
Regular DPF cleaning keeps your engine running smoothly. In fact, unless the filter is working at 100 percent your engine performance suffers.

3. Prevent Replacement
Diesel particulate filters are expensive, and if you don’t keep them clean, they can become damaged. When this happens, you have to replace them.

4. Increase Resale Value
It’s important to keep complete and accurate records of your truck maintenance. When a truck has a good maintenance record (that includes DPF cleaning when called for), you’ll get more for your truck at trade-in time.

5. All Filters Will Eventually Clog
When your DPF works perfectly, it burns off hydrocarbons and particles in the exhaust, and this causes ashes to slowly build up. DPF cleaning removes these ashes and lets the filter work in the most efficient manner.

6. Stop and Go Driving
If your truck makes frequent deliveries and a lot of city driving, you’ll need to have the DPF cleaned often. Stop and go driving causes more exhaust particles and makes it harder on the filtration and regeneration processes.

7. Engine Warranty
If you don’t take proper care of your engines, it could void the manufacturer’s warranty. When you come to Kyrish Truck Centers, you enjoy top-quality service by certified professionals. Click this link to find a service center nearest you.

Is Your Isuzu NPR Ready for the Summer?

Is Your Isuzu NPR Ready for the Summer?

If your business needs high-quality and dependable medium-duty commercial trucks, the Isuzu NPR has much to offer. You can choose from class 3, 4, or five and if you want a lot of power they make a 297 horsepower gasoline engine. For fuel economy, you can choose a diesel-powered truck, and Kyrish Truck Centers are there with genuine Isuzu truck parts. No matter what kind of engine you have, it’s important to get your trucks ready for the hot Texas summer. Here are some helpful tips for hot weather preparations.

Oil Changes

Your engines need the best possible lubrication during hot weather. The manufacturer recommends specific oil change intervals, but it’s important to consider the kind of driving your truck goes through each day. Here are some examples where you may need to change the oil sooner than later:

  • City driving – the stop and go atmosphere of the city is harder on engines than running down the highway. This contributes to heat buildup and viscosity breakdown.
  • Dusty conditions – dusty and dirty roads can add to engine wear and tear over time.
  • Frequent deliveries – if your truck makes frequent stops, the engine is off and on all during the day. This can create crankcase condensation and can break down oil viscosity.

Coolant Changes

If it’s been some time since you changed coolant, now is a good time to visit your source for Isuzu truck parts in Texas for fresh coolant. When you change the coolant, have your technician back flush the entire system. This gets rid of corrosion deposits before they can attack the radiator, block, thermostat, and other components. Corrosion can weaken the cooling system and add to engine problems.

Kyrish Truck Centers offers OEM Isuzu truck parts in Texas. We also have trained mechanics on hand when you need service.

Genuine Hino Truck Parts

Genuine Hino Truck Parts

Hino makes some of the most durable and dependable trucks on the market today. That’s one of the reasons you’ll find these high-quality commercial vehicles at Kyrish Truck Centers. When you need parts or repairs for your trucks, you can count on us to give you the best possible products and services. In fact, we sell genuine Hino truck parts for your Texas fleet and here are some of the reasons why.

Hino Coolant
Did you know that the manufacturer makes coolant specifically designed for your truck? Hino’s high-performance coolant can last as long as 500,000 miles in some models (360,000 miles in models 155 to 195). Some diesel engines can wear out prematurely due to cavitation erosion and Hino’s Pink and Blue coolants protect your engine from this common problem. The coolants are also environmentally friendly.

Hino Motor Oil
Your source for Hino truck parts in Texas offers special motor oil. Why use some generic oil in your engine, when you can use motor oil made for it? It lasts longer than generic motor oils too. Hino and BP worked together to develop the perfect motor oil for their engines. For some engines, you can go as long as 20,000 miles between oil changes. The low ash design cuts down on engine deposits which add to wear and tear. Also, their oils are high TBN.

Why Use High TBN Oil?
TBN means total base number, and it has to do with oil alkalinity. The higher alkalinity, the better the oil can combat issues like wear and corrosion. This is why an oil high in total base number, is a good for your engine.

Factory Warranty
To keep your factory warranty in good standing, it’s important to use only Hino truck parts. We have the parts you need in Texas, and our service department can install them for you.

Longhorn International – Kyrish Truck Centers is Your Truck Hub!

Longhorn International – Kyrish Truck Centers is Your Truck Hub!

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Why Choose Kyrish Truck Centers for All Makes Truck Parts in Texas?

Why Choose Kyrish Truck Centers for All Makes Truck Parts in Texas?

When you need repairs on your medium or heavy-duty trucks in Texas, it’s not always easy to find parts. For example, the average auto parts store doesn’t carry what you need, or they have limited stock. You can check online sources but it may take a week to get your parts, and they might not come from OEM sources. When you go to Kyrish Truck Centers in Texas for all makes truck parts, you came to the right place, and here is why.

Huge Inventory

Some part sources keep their most popular truck parts on hand, and for only select models. When you go there, they might have what you want, but chances are they’ll have to order the part, or they don’t even carry it. When you use Kyrish Truck Centers for your all makes truck parts in Texas; you have access to an inventory worth five million dollars. If for some reason, your part isn’t in our stock, we’ll do everything we can to get it for you. We can even ship it to you overnight, so your trucks don’t have to sit for long periods, waiting for repairs.

Wide Range of Selections

Do you need brake pads or rotors? Maybe you want fuel injector parts or ignition or electrical components. We have all kinds of parts for most makes and models. You won’t have to go to one place for brake parts and another place for starters or alternators. We are your one stop shop.


Maybe you don’t have the time or the resources to make all your repairs. That’s not a problem when you choose Kyrish Truck Centers. Besides selling all makes truck parts in Texas, we also offer expert service from highly trained and certified technicians. Go to our contact page today to find a center near you.