Should You Buy a Single Axle Dump Truck?

Tips for Buying a Used Medium Duty Truck

A dump truck is one of the handiest tools a Texas business can own. When you come to Kyrish Truck Centers, you’ll find some great deals on new or used dumps. Some have single rear axles, and others come with tandem (double) axles. Which one is best for your needs? Let’s look at this issue a little closer.

Why Just One Axle?

The main reason for having more than a single rear axle involves weight. You’re only allowed to haul so much material for each rear axle the truck has. If your capacities are not more than a single axle vehicle, you’re better off buying one and here is why:

  • Maintenance – it’s easier to maintain 6 tires and wheels as opposed to 10. With a tandem axle vehicle, you have four more tires to keep inflated and replace when it’s time for new tires. You also have more drive line components and an extra differential to maintain.
  • Handling – maneuver two axles is sometimes easier than three.
  • Fuel Efficiency – a tandem axle dump truck is heavier than most single axle trucks. A lighter vehicle gives you better fuel economy. If you put many miles per day on your trucks in Texas, this can save a lot of money on gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • Cost – a single axle vehicle costs less than a tandem axle truck. However, if you shop used trucks, prices can vary and may not matter as much.

Tandem Axle Trucks

For heavy-duty hauling, a tandem axle dump truck is the best choice for your Texas business. It’s easier to haul heavy loads and towing is usually easier because these trucks have larger engines and extra heavy-duty transmissions. For a great deal on an affordable new or used dump truck in Texas, visit a Kyrish Truck Center nearest your city.


Tips for Buying a Used Medium Duty Truck

Tips for Buying a Used Medium Duty Truck

Do you need a box truck or maybe a good flatbed vehicle for your business? You’ll enjoy a number of benefits when you buy a good used medium duty truck in Texas, but what’s the best truck to get and what options should you consider? Here are some helpful tips to make the process easier.


What do you plan to haul with your truck? This determines the bed you need. Flatbed trucks are great for general purpose hauling, and dump trucks are best for loose material like dirt, rock, sand, and gravel.


Cargo weight is an important issue, so consider the heaviest loads you’ll haul. For example, if you buy a class 4 truck but think you might need something heavier next year, go ahead and buy the heavier truck now. A used medium duty truck in Texas can haul as much as 26,000 pounds GVWR depending on the model. GVWR means gross vehicle weight rating. If you want something heavier, you’ll need to look at heavy-duty vehicles.

Crew Size

Will need to haul others besides the driver? If so, a crew cab is the best choice. In fact, crew cabs save money on transportation costs because you’ll need to use fewer vehicles.

Diesel or Gasoline?

Should you buy a truck with gasoline or diesel engine? The answer depends on where you’ll do most of the driving. For city driving with all the starts and stops, a gasoline engine performs better. However, on the highway, diesel motors are more efficient and save you on fuel.

Driver Comfort

When you look for a used medium duty truck in Texas, consider driver comfort. For example, the Hino 195 and Isuzu NPR have standard features like air conditioning, automatic transmission, and power windows. Visit our online inventory today, to check out our selections.

The Value of DPF Cleaning

The Value of DPF Cleaning

Years ago, no one worried about diesel particulate filters or exhaust gasses entering the atmosphere. However, today everyone thinks about greenhouse gasses, the ozone, and polluting the air. DPF cleaning in Texas is vital to your vehicles’ emission systems and keeping your DPF clean gives you many advantages.

What is a DPF?

A DPF is a diesel particulate filter, and it traps exhaust impurities before the exhaust leaves the truck. As gasses pass through a panel, gasses escape but not particles harmful to the environment. These filters are highly effective when kept clean.

The Dangers of Dirty Filters

Diesel particulate filters are very effective at trapping particles, but after a while, they may clog. Once clogged, the DPF cannot work properly, and this creates several problems. For example:

  • Buildup can damage the filter.
  • Diesel motors lose power when the exhaust is partly blocked
  • Fuel economy drops
  • A clogged filter can cause engine damage

Benefits of DPF Cleaning in Texas

Keeping your filter clean gives you several advantages, such as:

  • Avoid businesses interruptions caused by legal issues – non-compliance can result in fines and downtime.
  • Maximize fuel efficiency – clean filters prevent exhaust back pressure.
  • Improve engine performance
  • More effective filtration
  • The filter lasts longer when kept clean

Why You Need Professional DPF Cleaning in Texas

Regenerating helps to clean your filter, but it’s not enough. Regenerating burns out only combustible impurities and non-combustible particles stay behind. This eventually causes back pressure and clogging. Your filters need a professional cleaning by ASE certified mechanics because all trucks are different, and so are driving conditions. Experienced technicians have the right training and can recommend the proper cleaning intervals.

Kyrish Truck Centers offer expert DPF cleaning services, and our technicians can handle all your service needs. Go to our contact page now to find a service center near you.


Commercial Truck Leasing and the Benefits of Telematics

Commercial Truck Leasing and the Benefits of Telematics

Commercial truck leasing in Texas is simple and uncomplicated when you come to Kyrish Truck Centers. We show you just how easy leasing a truck or an entire fleet is with Idealease. In fact, you have several important benefits like telematics, and here is more about this service.

What is Telematics?

Telematics is a communication system capable of transmitting data over long distances. In fleet management, telematics uses GPS and computer technology to give you important data on all your trucks. At Kyrish Truck Centers, we offer CyntrX fleet tracking with our commercial truck leasing services in Texas, and it connects to a remote diagnostic center called OnCommand from Navistar. It allows you to check your fleet through a customer portal.

CyntrX has years of successful service behind it. In fact, it started 15 years ago and provided real-time GPS tracking information on your trucks. Here are some of the good things it has to offer:

  • See speed, direction of travel, and exact location of all your trucks
  • Arrival and departure alerts
  • Fuel usage analysis to get better fuel mileage
  • See speed, direction of travel, and exact location of all your trucks
  • Fuel tank info lets you know how much fuel is left in the tank
  • Fuel tax calculator eliminates human error
  • Monitor driver activity like shifting, idling, and cruising
  • Inspection reports

Why Monitor Your Fleet?

With high-tech fleet monitoring, you can keep track of your trucks and help them avoid problems down the road. For example, when a driver takes an alternate route he can avoid a road construction or other sources of traffic jams. This saves time and fuel. Route planning is more effective when you can make last-minute changes for efficiency.

The Benefits of Leasing Your Fleet

The Benefits of Leasing Your Fleet

If your business has its own trucking fleet, you have many important business advantages. You cut out the middleman (freight services), and this not only saves money, but it also creates a more efficient operation. However, a fleet of trucks needs constant management and supervision, and you’ll enjoy many advantages when you visit a truck leasing company in Texas like Kyrish Truck Centers. Here are some good reasons why.

Ownership Transition

If you own a fleet of trucks, leasing is not as hard as you may think. In fact, many companies don’t consider the benefits of leasing because they already own their trucks. Changing over is simple when you contact a truck leasing company in Texas like Kyrish Truck Centers because we can help you with the entire process.

Thanks to our ownership transition program you can check out our acquisition analysis software. It shows you how much you can save when you change from owning to leasing your trucks. We will buy your fleet and give you the best possible leasing agreement. How can this strategy save your company money? Here’s how:

  • New trucks – enjoy the benefits of a fleet of new trucks.
  • Lease your previous fleet – with this option, we buy your vehicles, and then you lease them from us.
  • Regular maintenance – you’ll have fewer downtime issues when you have a good preventative maintenance program.

More Benefits

Most companies have more trucks than they need because they want vehicles on standby. When you use the right truck leasing company in Texas, you don’t need to worry about standby trucks. With our program, you can get by with as many as 30 percent fewer trucks, and this lowers your operating costs and simplifies fleet management. In fact, you can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated fleet supervisor when you choose our Idealease option.