How Commercial Truck Rental Can Boost Your Business Profits

How Commercial Truck Rental Can Boost Your Business Profits

Owner drivers and fleet managers are always looking at ways to increase the hours that their trucks can be out on the road to increase your overall business profits. Commercial truck rental can provide you with several ways to boost your income.

You Only Rent the Truck When You Need It

Some businesses require their trucks to be on the road seven days every week, but many businesses only need trucks to transport their stock on perhaps, 2 to 4 days per week. For these companies, having checked with their financial advisers and accountants, there may be great benefits by organizing commercial truck rental in Texas, rather than leasing a vehicle for three full years or purchasing a truck from company assets.

Keeping Your Truck Busy

Whether you own or lease your truck, you are paying for its full-time use. When you only need to drive your truck for a few days every week, or perhaps two weeks out of every 4, you may choose to rent your vehicle to a driver or a business that requires occasional use of a truck, without the limitations of a full purchase.

Commercial truck rentals in Texas will always require vehicles to be perfectly serviced and kept up-to-date with the most advanced maintenance programs to ensure the safety and security of the driver and the load.

These short-term rentals can be far more cost-effective than agreeing on a contract for a long-term rental or a long lease agreement. By controlling the costs of when you rent the vehicle, it is easier to apply these costs to the goods that the company sells.

By renting a truck, you are applying the most flexible and yet controllable element to your transportation policy.

By advising us of your specific requirements, we can provide high-quality trucks at competitive rates, knowing that your vehicles are completely maintained by our service department.

Do You Want to Know a Secret Way to Increase Your Fuel Efficiency?

Do You Want to Know a Secret Way to Increase Your Fuel Efficiency?

We enjoy sharing secrets with truckers. Here is our secret for today. Using predictive cruise control technology, you can save up to 4% of your fuel costs. This technological advance is available to truckers in Texas with new International trucks.

Profits Up and Fuel Usage Down

New International trucks in Texas include this great technology on the International Pro Star and Lone Star Class 8 on-highway trucks. The predictive cruise control is more effective than conventional predictive cruise technology. You do not need to drive the routes so that the technology can learn about road gradients and your specific route.

Because these new International trucks in Texas are sold with the latest commercial route data pre-installed as GPS maps, they know where you are and where you’re going. For every driver driving a different route to the others in your fleet, fuel and efficiency will be improved immediately.

The data is topographical, which means it understands the hills, climbs and downhill routes that you will drive through. By understanding the grade of the road, your vehicle speed, the weight of your vehicle and the load, it can work out how you should drive using the cruise control technology. One great advantage is that you will reduce your braking and therefore lower your maintenance costs.

The Driver Completes Less Work

Owner/drivers are always concerned about the amount of fuel they are consuming because it is one of the highest costs of ownership and operation. When the driver does not have to make regular and infrequent alterations and modifications for the changes in the terrain, the vehicle will drive in a smoother manner.

Another advantage of this technology that truckers will enjoy is the ability to drive a safer truck, which will help companies attract better quality drivers and everyone will be satisfied with the results.

How Truckers Can Keep Their Trucks Running Longer

How Truckers Can Keep Their Trucks Running Longer

All truckers will know that their diesel particulate filters (DPF) should be kept as clean as possible to reduce those ever-threatening emissions. Sadly, repairing and replacing your DPF can be an expensive routine. We can supply our expert services for diesel particulate filter cleaning in Texas and stay within your budget.

Driving Consistently Helps

Driving consistently and at higher speeds will save you money because the DPF regeneration only happens when you meet certain engine temperatures, speed, and RPM, but you will quickly be out of work for driving too fast. Obviously, this is only possible on the highways. Slow driving around urban districts causes many of the low-speed issues associated to cause dirt in your filter.

Diesel particulate filter cleaning in Texas can be a messy task, which is why we are trained and ready to improve the cleanliness of your filter and help keep you on the road.

Using the oil that is suggested by the dealer is important because using the wrong oil can cause the mesh on the DPF to become blocked.

Some truckers report that the EGR valve can become blocked and this doesn’t always register the engine warning light. Before replacing your diesel particulate filters, unblocking the EGR valves may assist with your maintenance and repairs.

Most truckers will know that they must carry out diesel particulate filter cleaning in Texas, but it helps if you know more about the unit and how it helps your truck and the atmosphere.

As always, we will be happy to help you with this regular cleaning task, to help reduce your emissions and help your truck stay longer on the road and earning you money. Our aim is to ensure that you always pass the emissions controls.


Which Used Box Trucks Meet Your Needs?

Which Used Box Trucks Meet Your Needs?

For companies of all sizes, box trucks offer versatile and often affordable transportation to move goods from one location to another. While popular for delivering packages to customers, they are often used to moved finished inventory from warehouses to retail stores. Where can you buy used box trucks for sale in Texas?

Why Buy Used and Not New?

Given its nature of being a box truck and not a large truck used for carrying dirt, garbage or other corrosive materials, a box truck that is just a few years old will not differ greatly from a new model, except in its price.

Used box trucks for sale in Texas are not as powerful as large trailer rigs. The bed is permanently attached and cannot move out of position, so there are less servicing and maintenance options required, in comparison.

Although it is exciting to purchase a new truck, it will be more expensive and suffers from greater depreciation in its early years, than purchasing one of our used box trucks for sale in Texas.

Make Your Choice and Consider Your Options

Your choices will be different from large trucks because they are closer to driving a pickup than a trailer. After setting your budget and telling us about the size of the products you intend to carry, we can direct you to the best choice of models available from all of our great brands. The last step is to decide between gasoline or diesel based on your driving habits.

For us to suggest the best models for your use, it will be helpful to know exactly what you are carrying, including the complete maximum load at any time. This makes it easier to select a model that will suit all your requirements and helps you select a box truck that is not too big or expensive for your needs.

Also, let us know the distances you expect to travel so we can recommend a vehicle that is good for city work or great for long distance, perhaps interstate or even cross-country transportation. This will help us determine if a gas or diesel engine is more advantageous.

With all the necessary information enough we can match you with a terrific used box truck that will serve you for years on top of years.

Which Truck Purchasing Options Are Best for You?

Which Truck Purchasing Options Are Best for You?

As a driver/operator or owner, you have many options when you purchase new or used trucks for your business. Do you purchase from your savings, lease through finance or raise the money elsewhere? You will need to choose between a new purchase or make inquiries about commercial used trucks in Texas.

Helping You Make the Best Choice

While some owners suggest that a new truck is the only option because of the low maintenance costs and less downtime in the early years, choosing commercial used trucks in Texas will help reduce your monthly outgoings, increase your profits and providing you make great choices while keeping you on the road for as many hours as a new truck.

Understanding Your Mileage, Capacity, and Requirements

When you are only driving around the city and relatively small distances, you will have different requirements to an operator that needs their truck fit for cross-country highway driving every week of the year, taking time off only for maintenance.

There is no point in purchasing commercial used trucks in Texas that are too big for the jobs you are going to carry out. When you are hauling small loads, there is no purpose in purchasing the largest commercial trucks. Conversely, you will do untold damage and increase your expenses by working a truck too hard and too often.

Your cash flow may dictate the amount that your budget allows to purchase commercial used trucks in Texas. You will get more bang for your bucks buying used, reducing your overheads consistently.

Relatively recent used trucks will arrive with most recent technological advances, allowing you to keep up-to-date and yet not part with the dollars required to purchase a new commercial vehicle.

The key to our experience is understanding the exact purposes for your commercial used truck so that we can direct you to the most efficient models, knowing that reliability is key to you.