5 Signs It’s Time to Buy Replacement Truck Parts

5 Signs It’s Time to Buy Replacement Truck Parts

Trucks don’t break down in an instant. These things take time. You probably had plenty of signs along the way. But you might have missed them or ignored them outright. Don’t let that happen. If you don’t want to find yourself stuck by the side of the road, with a broken-down truck and your inventory waiting in the cargo container, then here are a few signs that tell you it’s time to start shopping for Truck parts for your Hino, Isuzu or other truck.

Hesitating engine

If your engine seems to keep hesitating whenever you press down on the gas, Do It Yourself says that’s a likely sign that your truck is suffering from the effects of a dirty fuel filter. If your truck doesn’t seem to respond, even when you step on the gas and accelerate or shows problems in meeting the speed, then check the state of your fuel filter. It might be time to toss your old filter for a new one.

Truck won’t start

Truck won’t start? You could be dealing with a bad alternator. In some cases, your car might start but it probably won’t get you anywhere far. You’ll need to request for help from experts. In some cases, though, you might need to invest in truck parts like a new alternator to get your truck up and running again.

Faulty brakes

It’s important to make sure you always check the condition of your brakes before and after a trip. Bad brakes could lead to accidents and injuries. That’s the last thing you want to happen. If your brakes don’t seem to be working right, time to get in help from experts to see which parts you need to repair or replace.

Wonky thermostat

If your thermostat doesn’t show any changes even when you adjust the settings, then you might have a broken-down thermostat on your hands. This could be the result of problems in your truck engine. Make sure you have an expert assess your engine and pinpoint which parts are causing trouble so you could have these repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Blown head gasket

This could be the result of an overheated radiator. Don’t let it reach that point, though. Regularly check your radiator to ensure it isn’t overheating. And put a new one in place to make sure you won’t have to worry about overheating problems, at least not any time soon.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems on your Hino, Isuzu, or other commercial truck, come to Kyrish truck centers in for Affordable truck parts that will keep your vehicle moving.

New International Trucks for Sale – What Buyers Need to Know

New International Trucks for Sale – What Buyers Need to Know

International trucks have made their mark on the American landscape. There are many reasons for this trend. Visibility is excellent, along with technology and the ease of entering and exiting the vehicle. Drivers and fleet managers are also looking for the best deals with respect to fuel economy, transmission reliability, geared engine speed, idle-time management, tires, chassis, aerodynamics, load capacity, and even weight. At Kyrish Truck Centers, we carry the new International models that can take your business to the next level.

Why Buy an International?

International trucks are known to compete in the market with respect to the following areas.

Fuel Efficiency

This can be a fleet’s largest expense, and with rising fuel costs, it can be extremely challenging to manage operating costs. The good news is that commercial trucks are built to run more efficiently than ever. Thanks to technology and a competitive mindset, companies are pushing it to the limit.


New International trucks for sale can boast some of the best transmissions on the market. For business fleets, it is all about keeping the wheels turning and trucks on the road. Transmissions can also affect fuel usage.

Geared Engine Management

Fleet managers are also looking for ways to maximize profitability along with fuel economy. International trucks provide geared engine speed improvements as well. With increased fuel savings, overall performance increases. This allows managers to get the most from their fleet.

Idle Time Management

It may be interesting to note that for every hour a truck idles on the road, a gallon of gas is wasted. Engine wear and the environment are also affected. Many of the new international trucks for sale take this into consideration.


It is no secret that many International commercial truck models look aerodynamically smooth. Again, fuel costs are a major concern. Rigs that are not designed to minimize wind resistance will ultimately pay the price in increased fuel costs. International commercial trucks are designed to be aerodynamically efficient.

It is also important for fleet managers to consider great customer service with respect to electrical and mechanical services, like that which Kyrish offers. Downtime and lengthy repair times equates to lost money. In today’s competitive world, downtime is something that fleets can ill afford. Our service pros get our customers in and out as quickly as possible.


Finding the Best Medium Duty Trucks for Sale

Finding the Best Medium Duty Trucks for Sale

The attitudes of truck buyers have changed over the past decade. It used to be that buyers were simply looking to purchase a dependable truck for sale. Now, many see a medium duty truck for sale as a business solution that can help them turn a profit. Vehicle breakdowns are not acceptable. The margins are too small and competition is too stiff.

What to Look for in Medium Duty Trucks for Sale

Putting money down on the least expensive vehicle may seem like a prudent business decision. At Kyrish Truck Centers, we make sure that our trucks are affordable but also still in excellent condition. We also help our customers to choose the right truck for the job. We like to discuss with them how the truck will address their business goals along with ways they can minimize its lifecycle cost. With our customers, we analyze the following:

Truck Body Wisdom

This refers to the type of loads they will carry, annual mileage expected to be driven, and the type of environment in which the truck will operate. Buyers can choose bodies that are mounted or flush with the cab, or those with a little space in between the body and cab.

Truck Drivability

At Kyrish Truck Centers, we know that drivers appreciate trucks that are comfortable and easy to operate. Comfort and drivability is desirable for those whose main job is driving. We carry brands like International, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, and Hino that are built for driver ease and comfort.

Other Factors for Choosing a Truck

Visibility, startability, and ease of entry and exit are also factors to consider when choosing a truck. Take for example those drivers who work for the beverage industry or moving industry. Those users will often be navigating tight quarters and exiting the vehicle numerous times per day. We’ll help you decide which of our medium duty trucks for sale is the perfect solution for your unique requirements. There is a lot to take into account before you make your final decision. How will the truck be financed, and what will be offered with respect to servicing? Customer service is a critical component of any sale. Dealerships should offer complete services, which include parts and maintenance facilities that are second to none. These are all things you can expect at Kyrish.

Types of Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale

Types of Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale

There are lots of people who think they drive a heavy duty truck. It may shock some drivers to learn that putting big tires on a compact pickup truck does not make it a heavy duty truck. Heavy duty trucks are a specific class of vehicles, but it’s a class that includes several different specific types. Finding real heavy duty trucks for sale is not as easy as going to the local car lot so it pays to know where to look.

The Heavy Duty Truck Defined

If you watch modern car commercials, it would be easy to believe that any truck that has an extended cab and a little bit of dirt on it is a heavy duty truck. Heavy duty trucks in America are defined as vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 26,001 pounds. These vehicles would fall into class seven or eight and require a driver with a class B commercial license.

Types of Heavy Duty Trucks

When one thinks of true heavy duty trucks, the first image that comes to mind is the big rig hauling a huge trailer. This is one of the most popular types of heavy duty trucks, but there are others, too. If you look at the inventory of heavy duty vehicles we have at Kyrish Truck Centers, you will see day cabs and sleepers with one or two axles capable of hauling trailers of various sizes. There are also flatbeds, class seven and eight size vans, reefers, box trucks and the trailers themselves.

Finding Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale

For most vehicles, even commercial vehicles up to class six, it’s fairly easy to find them at a regular dealership, usually in the back or on a side lot. Finding heavy duty vehicles for sale is a bit more challenging. The hard way would be to search classified ads and auto finder websites, searching individual listings and dealing with independent sellers who may or may not be reputable. The easier way would be to use our services at Kyrish Truck Centers. We not only have new and used heavy duty trucks for sale, we also offer service and parts departments, making our locations a one stop shop for buying and maintaining these vehicles.


Isuzu Commercial Trucks: Functional & Affordable

Isuzu Commercial Trucks: Functional & Affordable

Isuzu Commercial Trucks: Functional & Affordable

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​ Don’t Overlook the Truck Leasing Company

​ Don’t Overlook the Truck Leasing Company

For companies that require a fleet of trucks, one option that is often overlooked is leasing. For whatever reason, companies seem to think that the only way to transport their raw materials and finished goods is with their own fleet of trucks. Leasing, however, offers several advantages that can save a company time, money and aggravation. Using a good truck leasing company can be the key to giving your company an advantage over the competition.

​ Why Companies Overlook Truck Leasing

If most companies ever stopped to consider truck leasing, they would probably see the value in it, but they usually don’t get that far. They fail to consider leasing in the first place. They either don’t know that leasing is an option or they don’t know how it works. In some other cases, it might be a matter of needing physical assets like trucks to appease investors or just the simple pride of ownership. In some cases, ownership might be right for some companies, but leasing often makes a lot of sense, too. At Kyrish Truck Centers, not only do we sell top quality vehicles, we lease commercial vehicles through our leasing partner, Idealease, and we can help you compare the benefits and risks of each.

​ The Advantages of Truck Leasing

One of the great advantages of leasing a vehicle through Idealease is that it is very easy to change or upgrade vehicles as your needs change, or simply as the vehicle gets run down. With a full service lease, you could be assured that the vehicles would be properly maintained, and that you always have vehicles available to serve your needs.

You can easily adjust the size of your fleet, too, keeping more trucks on the road during busy times and cutting back to a minimum during down periods. All of these things combine to reduce downtime and reduce overall transportation cost for the business.

​ What to Look for in a Truck Leasing Company

A good truck leasing company should offer not just basic leasing, but a full service lease option. This option should include things like maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and a discount for full service customers. They should be responsive and able to provide assistance or extra trucks at a moment’s notice. We provide all of this and more as part of our Idealease leasing options Kyrish Truck Centers.


Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning Helps Keep Engines at Peak Performance

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning Helps Keep Engines at Peak Performance

They say that the diesel engine is the workhorse of the world. That being said, diesel engines can accumulate large amounts of soot and ash buildup when fuel is burned. When this happens, it takes an experienced mechanic and special equipment to remove the buildup and clean it. This process is called diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning. The cleaning equipment is special, and can clean the filter within a range of efficiency from 85 – 100 percent. The actual efficiency range is determined by the design of the DPF filter and the cleaning procedures used by the cleaning facility.

The Fuel Burner’s Role

Material is burned off in a passive manner with the help of a compound via the fuel burner. It’s the burner that helps the filter reach the necessary temperature to create combustion hot enough to create ash. Another term for this burn-off process is called regeneration. These are the components that require regular cleaning and periodic maintenance. It’s a process best handled by knowledgeable professionals to ensure that cleaning is performed effectively.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning is a Necessity

The process of regeneration can’t occur when diesel trucks regularly travel in city traffic. They’re built to travel the open road. Higher speeds are required to initiate the regeneration process. When soot elimination is necessary, the driver is notified by a warning light. Ignoring the warning light will eventually lead to a situation where regeneration can’t occur. In time, the DPF filter will fail and need to be replaced. Let our team at Kyrish Truck Centers can handle this task for you!

Guarding Against Filter Restrictions

Preventative maintenance, whether it’s electrical or mechanical, is always the prudent choice. Filter restrictions spell harm to engine components. The only result is that trucks will perform less effectively. Diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning, at the exact time of warning, is the best way to prevent severe damage. Optimally running trucks are those can that turn more of a profit. This cleaning service is especially necessary for trucks that travel at lower speeds and shorter distances.

At Kyrish Truck Centers, we understand what it takes to keep diesel engines running at peak proficiency. With timely maintenance, diesel engines can go on being the workhorses they were meant to be.


Texas’s Leaders For International Heavy Duty Trucks

Texas’s Leaders For International Heavy Duty Trucks

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